J Sridhar


Company: A young IT Company offering Cloud ERP Services, Bangalore

Company’s Business: SaaS cloud services to provide Supply Chain and ERP services to the agri business sector

Role: Adviser and Head- Cloud Services Operations

Span of Control: Software Implementation


Improvements achieved within one year of operations.



Increase After I Took Over

Usage of Services by Clients



Reduction of 65%


Increase of 88%

Completion of Projects

Increase by 217%

Management Analysis

7 identifiable features in Management Control and Documentation Systems



Data On Management Control Systems and Documentation


Previous Period (Before me)

Present Status

Documentation and Management Control Systems

a)   No client transaction history


b)  No specific time bound plan for implementation

c)   No boundary of specifications defined


d)  No clear system of invoicing or collection

e)   No logging of work


f)    No monthly goals



g)  No formal client relationship monitor

a)   Total Client History being logged in Online Daily Log, monthly  Implementation Plan

b)  Specific Implementation Plan committed and reviewed

c)   Module Specifications defined to avoid ambiguity. To be used by Sales Team for effectiveness


d)  A disciplined method of raising invoices and follow up of collections

e)   Daily work logged by Support Engineers, available online

f)    Clear monthly goals committed by Support Engineers

g)  A Client Interaction Table being followed to ensure rapport building with clients.


Details of Role Played:


ü Client relationship

ü Software Project Implementation

ü Cross functional expertise development

ü Team building and maintaining high morale

ü Mentoring of executives

ü Coordination of software development tasks with the Development Division

ü Exploration of business opportunities and expansion with clients

ü Commercial discussions and contracting

ü Invoicing, Collections and inculcating financial discipline

ü Marketing through social media to supplement Sales efforts



Company: Alaknanda Hydro Power Company Ltd., Srinagar Garhwal (GVK Group)

Company’s Business: Construction of a 330 MW hydro power project over Alaknanda River.

Role: Adviser and Head- Materials

Span of Control: Purchase, Stores, Logistics, Co-ordination


Achievements Relevant to IT:


Implementation of SAP: Actively involved in implementation of SAP-Materials Module at the project. Guided in material classification, codification customizing of requirements and inculcating IT consciousness among staff. It was the ONLY Department where SAP was fully implemented on time.


Online Disposal of Scrap: Scrap disposal was always a tricky issue with risks of high costs of disposal and possible scope for malpractices, apart from pressures from local forces. I took the lead and innovatively adapted an online scrap disposal of scrap for the first time in GVK Group’s history. Major advantages like total transparency, immunity to local pressures, best price realization and zero cost operations were achieved.



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