J Sridhar






Role: Head of Materials at the Hydro Power Project Site    

Company: Alaknanda Hydro Power Company Ltd., Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand. (GVK Group)

Span of Control: Purchase, Stores, Logistics, Co-ordination

Nature of Business: Construction of a 330 MW hydro electric power project.


Management functions:

         Lead a team of managers, executives and supervisors through participative management.

         Motivate team members to reach high levels of excellence with a Never Give Up Attitude.

         Create challenging tasks to provide opportunity for performers to shine.

         Implemented SAP in Materials Management at project site.


Strategic Functions:

         Closely interact with Group Head and other senior professionals in contributing ideas and plans of strategic nature.

         Often consulted by seniors when taking critical decisions and steps that could have major impact on operations.


Special Activities Undertaken:


Implementation of SAP: Actively involved in implementation of SAP-Materials Module at the project. Guided in material classification, codification customizing of requirements and inculcating IT consciousness among staff.


Formation of Inventory Management Group (IMG): Primary objective was to focus on select high value raw materials. Minimize inventory build up, study and monitor consumption, ensure reissue of material retrieved from scrap to reduce fresh purchase.


Formation of Zero Inventory Management Team (ZIM): The ZIM Team would enthusiastically conduct in-depth studies on money blocked in various materials and material groups, discuss and identify possible use of such materials and release blocked funds.


Online Disposal of Scrap: Scrap disposal was always a tricky issue with risks of high costs of disposal and possible scope for malpractices, apart from pressures from local forces. I took the lead and innovatively adapted an online scrap disposal of scrap for the first time in GVK Groups history. Major advantages like total transparency, immunity to local pressures, best price realization and zero cost operations were achieved.


Know Your Project Series (KYP): The KYP Series was conducted to familiarize all Managers and Executives in the Department with all aspects of the project. A speaker would be invited from the project site and he would explain the features of his project wing in simplified terms. KYP helped team members find greater meaning in their work and thus removed boredom and remoteness in the work activities.


Self Assessment Project: A Self Assessment exercise was carried out among all the Departmental executives. Each Executive made a self assessment of his strength, areas of improvement, set professional goals and indicated career preferences. This was found very useful by the Management in repositioning some of them in other project sites thus avoiding fresh recruitment that was planned. The Head Office found it so interesting and relevant that they invited me to conduct a similar goal setting exercise for the HO Materials Department.


Sourcing of major materials for sister projects: Helped the Management in sourcing of very critical raw materials like coal for our thermal project. Also helped design logistics for this challenging activity.


Materials and Activities covered:



Construction Plants and Equipment              

Transportation and C & F contracts 

TMT Steel

Engineering goods and hardware

O & M Contracts for Batching Plants


Office appliances and consumables

Construction & Specialty Chemicals


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