Know Your Project Series -1


As part of the “Know Your Project” Series started by us, a Talk was arranged in the Materials Department. Owing to space constraints, a handful of executives only were selected to attend. The talk last Saturday (21st Aug ’10) was delivered by Mr. Dwarikanath Dubey, Head of Security, AHPCL, Srinagar. To share the knowledge gained from the Talk, a summary of the key points has been made so that those who could not participate may benefit from reading it. The summary is reproduced below:



Corporate and Industrial Security is a strange phenomenon. Expectations are often unrealistic. At home, even if you have a watchman, the first security role is played by the lady of the house, followed by the children and rest of the family. In the same way, every Department needs to take care of primary care of their assets. The Security guard is only a secondary security source.


In many organizations, employees tend to be infected by “babugiri”, a disease in which one tends to disown duty and responsibility. They follow the ABCD formula – Avoid action, Bye pass action, Carry forward or delay, Do when there is no choice left! We should protect ourselves from this disease!


It is no point lamenting on the ills of the organization. Start the change in yourself first. Clean yourself of the ills you see in others. Do not wait for others to reform. Slowly, but surely, everyone around you will change, too. Start offering positive mutual coexistence and support.


Never be a Yes man. Act with conviction and say “No” if it is the organization’s interest.


Be a person with initiative. Do more than what is assigned. Do beyond what is expected. Anticipate and act.


Every role is important. Be humble; do not mock at the weak; you too are perhaps weaker than someone stronger.


All success is generated in the mind. Develop courage and confidence; be somewhat carefree and stress free; always stay cheerful. Be contented. Jealousy and greed will never bring peace or happiness.


Always send positive thoughts, express encouragingly. Negative comments have a deep impact on the receiver, be it grown ups or children. Positive encouragement sprouts creativity and enthusiasm which lead to success.


My advice to young professionals is simple. In this project, you will have much work at times and also lots of free time in between. That is true of most projects. Unlike manufacturing sector, nothing will be routine. Use the free time productively in learning beyond your job. Expand your knowledge, your outlook and develop new skills. Time is precious; use it productively.


Wish you all the best.



About the Speaker:

Mr. Dwarakanath Dubey is the Head of Security at AHPCL, Srinagar, Uttarkhand. A person who walked into the Army straight from college, rose to the rank of Captain and retired with thirty two years of service. Welcomed by the civilian industry to protect the safety of their men and equipment, he leads a large regiment of over 200 people and knows almost hundred of them by name! A specialist in Signals and Communications, he brings to our company, rich experience and wisdom from his long career. We all can learn much from him.


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Next week, we are likely to have a speaker from one of the project sites. He will educate us on the project pertaining to his area of activity. I am sure it will open our minds to the relevance of our roles in Materials and help us handle the users’ needs in a better way.