Know Your Project Series -4


Man vs Nature – A Mighty Challenge In The Offing


Last week, I received calls from a quite a few who asked for KYP-4. I explained to them about an unexpected disruption due to extraneous factors. This week too drifted away as the both the planned speaker, as well as the standby speaker, were unavailable. The first was afflicted with a red eye - now rapidly affecting many at Srinagar! The other was stranded on the highway due to landslides and toiled for over 11 hours to reach Srinagar, partly on foot!


This appears to be a season of landslides. Heavy clouds pelting continuous raindrops on the frail and brittle hills have caused havoc to the pace of the project. The highway to the project is sliced at several places with the roads eroded and heaps of hilly rubble blocking traffic for days. Stories of stranded GVK professionals on either side of several road blocks, adventures of some of them walking over 15 Km to reach the site, a flood of calls from worried families are the norm of the day now.


But, amidst all the anxiety and lost time, one cannot miss the power and majesty of Nature. The mighty mountains have submitted meekly to the indescribably ferocious river, helplessly allowing themselves to be eroded at several places and amazingly revealing several inherent truths of life. It shows that perseverance of purpose can erode a mountain of resistance in life and at work – a lesson we can all put to good use!


The landslides that have disrupted all movement have helped break the predictable routine - a sedative to growth. They have awakened many of us to take a relook at everything we do. Such introspection will surely lead us to better and more productive solutions at work in particular and life in general.


The crisis also reflects the heavy dependence we have on things that we take for granted – power, water, milk supply, the daily newspaper, the phone line, internet, petrol, ironed clothes and so on. It reminds us of the many things in life we should be thankful for.


The weather forecast is not too favourable. There could be more lost days of work. Nature’s onslaught has now challenged our grit and determination in progression of the project. It is time for professionals across the Company to meet the challenge and establish our credentials as men and women of steel. Neither tunnel visioned politicians nor seasonal obstacles shall sway us from our goal – to deliver quality power to the Nation from Alaknanda. This calls for each of us to stretch ourselves beyond the call of duty and charge forward with missionary zeal. Breaking mindsets and departmental barriers, we shall forge ahead as one army and earn for ourselves the reputation of being champions and winners under all circumstances.


Together, let’s create a legacy, not just a project!




Know Your Project Series is an effort from the Materials Department initiated with the simple objective of knowing more about the various parts of the project so that we can deliver better service to user departments. It is being circulated to other colleagues who may find it of some interest to them. If you do not wish to be disturbed by this mail, please feel free to email us at and we shall respect and abide by your choice.