Meow Mian


Meow, Meow. Oh sorry, I forgot this is being read by humans. Hi, I am Kitty, a happy, care free kitten living in Sunilís house. Sunilís wife Rohini and her son Rohit dote on me. They are almost as caring and protective as my veteran grandmother who lives in the nearby forest.


My induction into Sunilís family was quite a coincidence. I was gallivanting one afternoon when I bumped into Rohini Aunty. She must have been in a rare good mood. Instead of shooing me away, she spoke gently and lovingly in her own language. I did not understand a word but who can miss the language of love? I cautiously inched forward ready to bounce back if there was any danger. But, Rohini Aunty gently stroked my back and goaded me to munch a few pieces of a circular sweet eatable. Later I got to know that these are called Marie Biscuits. I truly wish I could ask them to send some for grandma. But there is no way humans are willing to learn the simple language of a cat.


I find communication is so easy and straightforward. You just have to say whether you are hungry, angry, happy, sleepy or just like to stroll around. I have all the simple variety of sounds required for these limited needs for expression. Humans really complicate their lives. They make such weird and varied sounds with each other. In spite of that, I am told they cannot understand what others from far away countries speak! And they consider themselves superior and intelligent. What an irony! If they speak less, may be they would fight less.


I also wonder how they manage to move on two legs and do not fall. I tried once and fell flat on my nose - it still hurts. And these giants are almost 10 to 15 times my height. They look like moving towers to me. Yet, they seem to be incapable of jumping over a wall that is barely twice their height Ė a feat that I effortlessly do.


My grandma always reprimands me for surrendering to humans and missing the true adventures of a jungle cat. Oh Grandma, you belong to an ancient generation. In the modern world, we look for convenience. Why depend upon the uncertain results of endless hunting just for food when it is readily served in a clean bowl on time every day? And where is the surrender? I move as freely as you with much less fear or vulnerability. If there is surrender, it is the human family that has surrendered to me. They are always at my side at every beck and call to meet my needs and demands. I sleep on cushions specially prepared for my comfort. I donít have to be half awake all the time fearing an attack by a dog or eagle. When will you ever understand, dear grandma? You must change with times if you do not want to be left behind.


One thing I always wonder is about the struggle humanís go through to light up their houses and streets. I find nights so comfortable and in fact do not like the glare of sunlight during the day. Humans seem to struggle without light. They do not even make an attempt to learn from me. Anyway, humans far outnumber cats and I guess it is wise to stay silent on some of these obvious issues.


My stay with humans assures me that we can all coexist in the world if we are willing to share and spread love. How wonderful would it be if all living species could mingle with each other this way? It would surely make this place what humans call heaven.