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J Sridhar BE (Mech,Osmania), MBA (BITS, Pilani)


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You are an organization on fast track growth.


You have a brilliant team. But there are tough challenges hurting the roots of your business.


Your team’s contribution decides your Company’s future. Their stress, emotional balance and the absence of a friend to offer a shoulder could make a vital difference between excellence and mediocrity.


You are busy. Though a great leader, your challenging priorities and fire fighting denies you the time required to take care of individual employees. Your HR’s hands are already full. And employees often hesitate to open themselves to HR, however receptive and empathetic HR might be.


Here’s where I come.


With over four decades of experience in running organizations and managing people, having seen sizzling “ups” and traumatic “downs”, I can do the following for you:


1.     Take charge of “Morale and Emotions Management” of your people.

2.     Gently guide your staff in moulding their minds and attitudes to delink work and moods.

3.     Use my four decade techno commercial experience in helping them in their functions in a non intrusive way.

4.     Free you from all stress and time normally dissipated on inevitable internal challenges.

5.     Free you to attend to all the crucial activities that demand your creativity, strategy, focus and vision.


Now, isn’t that called a WIN-WIN situation?


Wouldn’t you like to chat with me and see how I can help you overcome all people challenges and achieve your goal?


Call me or mail me. WhatsApp me or inmail me on Linkedin.


Together, we shall nourish your team to excellence.


Best regards.


J Sridhar

Management Consultant & Business Adviser







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